Figuring out how to work on the Hebrew translation

In order to work out the issues in the Hebrew translation, I’ve started this thread here. I’ve locked the Hebrew translation until the Hebrew translators come to an agreement on how to work together. The current and old translations are saved forever in git, so your work is saved.

Non-Hebrew speakers will never be able to judge the quality of the Hebrew translation, that is why this only works if the translators work together.

It’s been going on for years, I’ve tried reaching out and meet but my request is still pending.

This incognito dude interfered with several projects I’m maintaining without asking me while ruining and changing terms inconsistently (just like he did with F-Droid).

I understand the passion but we are service providers and we have customers that we are aiming to please, we should be highly aware of that and also make sure the user won’t leave because of bad translation, incomprehensible plural forms or inconsistent terms, in a way, this dude’s work is running the users away.

Perhaps for the benefit of other Hebrew speakers who may be around, we can discuss some specific translations. I am more than willing to take it in good faith that both of you are trying to do what is best. I get the feeling that both of you are genuinely trying to improve the translations, but have different opinions about what a good translation is. We can’t solve that as non-Hebrew speakers, but perhaps others in the community could jump in and offer suggestions if we get some clear examples where you differ.

Please note that it would be much more helpful if this can be done without the need to refer to each other personally. That will not help other Hebrew speakers in the community to form a conclusion about what the appropriate translation is, and will only add noise to the discussion which makes it harder to resolve.

The Hebrew plurals are broken in Weblate right now, so please do not update them until this is fixed: