Fennec4Tegra2, could it be in F-Droid? (tracking anti-feature)

Hello all,

So, I am still looking for a up-to-date browser to use in my Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) and I found that Fennec is available here

So I downloaded one of their pre-built binaries and checked with ClassyShark and found that it has 2 trackers. Which I suppose is normal because in F-Droid version of Fennec, we have the same anti-feature noted (tracking). I don’t know if it can be removed or not but I suppose at least we should be able to have it here…?

The patch is heavily outdated. Someone with a Tegra 2 device needs to redo it from scratch.

I understand. While I have the device I couldn’t do that since I don’t have the skills. Anyway, it was worth a shot. Thanks!

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