Fennec vs mull which one is good for privacy?

I have used Bromite which i lag behind updates
Brave which is good but have controversial past
Mull its good but not well optimised ig its lag on scrolling
Firefox is not lagging but have trackers
Fennec is also good using it right now but have trakers if you think its good then also let me know

The trackers in fennec are false positives and are disabled, so there is no problem using it although from a privacy point of view mull has better defaults which can, however, create minor problems. So if you are comfortable with fennec I see no particular reason not to continue using it.

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Thnaks for info , i found out that mull scrolling is locked at 60hz

Brave or fennec which is more privecy friendly in theory ?

Mull is more private than Fennec F-Droid, you can see this here:

Scrolling in Mull isn’t “laggy” it is simply capped to 60hz: Broken - DivestOS Mobile

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Which one is more privacy friendly brave or mull?

My Mull with uBlock Origin is very comparable to Brave.
Each is slightly better in some areas.

I won’t recommend Brave due the cryptocoin attached to it and VC backing it has, vs the non-profit that Mozilla Foundation is.

You can use the links above to decide yourself.

Looks like i will use mull

Fennec does not provide extra security right?

As I understand it (perhaps incorrectly), the the webpages viewable from the two links show comparisons between browsers with no changes to default settings. Wouldn’t it be possible to reach the same privacy in Fennec as Mull by tweaking the settings (and perhaps installing a couple of privacy focused extensions)?

Yes, as I understand it, basically mull is fennec with modified defaut settings so it would be possible to manually apply the same settings on fennec but then you would have the same “problems” as with mull.

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Note that you can’t apply the Arkenfox user js without root access, for Fennec

By using Mull directly and ensuring you have the same settings as all other Mull users, you’re more likely to end up with the same fingerprints as other Mull users.

Additionally most privacy extensions are unnecessary or redundant: 4.1 Extensions · arkenfox/user.js Wiki · GitHub

Unnecessary if already using Arkenfox, but not necessarily if not using Arkenfox?

@mpardo It notes in which cases an extension is redundant.

Yes, it states which ones are redundant but not so much “unnecessary”.

For example, I can think of reasons that one might want to have both uBlock and NoScript despite the two tools targeting mostly the same type of blocking.

Note that I am not suggesting that the list has no value or that the point that, for example, uBlock and NoScript overlap greatly in functionality (there are advantages and disadvantages to both tools and usefulness in some cased in having both).

As an analogy, one might want to have both MS Office and LibreOffice (or Firefox and Chrome, or Vim and Emacs). There is significant redundancy in having both, but not always “unnecessary”.

I fear I have descended to being argumentative. My apologies. It is a bad habit of mine.

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What about Privacy Browser?

It doesn’t listed any anti-features that Mull and Fennac have. I changed my search engine and homepage to Metager which I prefered over Mojeek on my Privacy Browser.

That’s not based on Mozilla Firefox, it just uses the Google Chrome Webview that comes with your ROM.

I have a question about Mull
I use Ecosia, a search engine that plants a tree per search, on Fennec and Mull.
The search engine would count the number of my searches/ trees planted, shown on its searching page
After I leave Fennec and Mull, I’d delete all browsing data manually, including cookies but not tabs
When I enter them again, the number of trees in Fennec goes back to zero but it keeps counting in Mull
It’s the same after I deleted all the caches
What might be the reason?

I cannot reproduce this. Are you sure you have the cookies checkbox checked on the “Delete browsing data” screen?

Also you cannot effectively clear cookies of a website with a page of it open. The scripts or background requests of the page can set the cookies again.

Clear on close is the most effective.