Fennec v62 only available in ARMv8 64bit, not ARMv7

I’m waiting here using my (quite old but still very capable) snapdragon 801 device while waiting for the v62 update for Fennec. Nothing happens for a few days of checking for updates in F-Droid, so I decide to check if the new version maybe haven’t been added.

They have, but it seems instead of the usual builds of x86 and ARMv7, there are now builds for x86 and ARMv8 (64bit) which my phone can’t support.

Are the ARMv7 builds for Fennec something of the past or is this a mistake?

How is it with upstream Firefox for Android? Is support for ARMv7 also dropped?

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I hope it’s a mistake as Firefox v62 is still available for ARMv7.

Don’t worry, ARMv7 is here to stay.

Fennec 62.0.1 build for ARMv7 failed due to intermittent network issues, while x86 and ARMv8 had more luck.

ARMv7 build has been retried since then and succeeded. Will be available soon.


That’s great news! Thanks for the reassurance, I’m patiently awaiting the new build.

62.0.1 for armv7 is available.

Looks like armv8 build is unstable: crashes for me on outlook.com and skyscanner.com.

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