Fennec F Droid displayed English in All installed Add-ons

Please fix this issue. The language on add on should follow default language on Fennec


Can you reproduce this with Firefox itself?

In firefox i don’t find this bug. Only in Fennec, previously this bug also present in Mull Browser & Already fixed All installed add-ons are displayed in English. The operating system and browser are Russified. Also, the description of additions is also in Russian. · Issue #102 · Divested-Mobile/Mull-Fenix · GitHub. I think this bug also present in Fennec

@SkewedZeppelin @relan any thoughts?

Hm, problem does not appear on my side… :flushed:

Will be fixed in Fennec 113.2.0: Enable localization of geckoview build (!32) · Merge requests · relan / fennecbuild · GitLab

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Thanks for ur quick work,issue already gone😁


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