Fennec Browser missing actual security patches


I am little bit worried that Fennec remains with version 67.0.3 while important security leaks have been patched by Mozilla meanwhile up to Firefox version 68.0.
As far as I have understood the Mozilla reports there was an important leak patched in version 67.0.4. and at least another one in 68.0.

So when can we expect next fixing?
Meanwhile using another browser recommended?
FOSS Browser for example? Are herein actual security leaks - as far as known - closed?

Thanks for more details.

68.0 is coming soon, ticket: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/issues/1698

…but not for Android (see Firefox Klar, IceCatMobile, Fennec F-Droid and Android Firefox ESR)

Still no updates in repos.

68 is already in the repo, pull to refresh.


Right, it appears that only arm64/x86 were built and armv7 was not: https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid/lastbuild_680000

The next cycle started already so, soon… :wink:

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