[FeatureRequest]Could there be a prominent link to installing F-Droid for muggles please?

I wanted to install FediLab and they suggested using F-Droid but I struggled to find instructions on the site on how to install it.

I ended up searching T’interent
[Clarification - I mean instructions on installing F_Droid]

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Hmm so you went to https://f-droid.org/ → pressed the big blue button to Download F-Droid → installed that APK → started F-Droid - Searched for FediLab → pressed Install ? :slight_smile:

Think like a Muggle :slight_smile:

That only downloads it - instructions are needed on how to install :slight_smile:

Touch the downloaded file… in the browser notification or in the file manager… follow the on screen prompts to install the app… (allow browser or file manager to do it)

/LE: we know this needs some improvement Guide users through the correct steps after starting the .apk download (#616) · Issues · F-Droid / Website · GitLab

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I think this is an excellent point. What if the button were labeled “Get F-Droid”? And if it would direct users to a site with some explainations in simple language and a download button there?

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