[Feature Request] Recently updated apps

It would be nice, if F-Droid can maintain recently updated apps with their update timestamp; so, we can know recently updated apps and when they updated, just like Play store but, locally.


What does this mean? Maintain where? Like Play store how exactly?

What does this mean?

Sometimes, we need see list of recently updated application to know when and which application has updated over a period of time.

Maintain where?

Probably, a Recently Updated subsection in Updates would be fine.

Like Play store how exactly?

In, Play store, My Apps & Games section, there are three subsection available Updates, Installed, and Library. In Updates subsection there are two categories i.e. Updates available , and Recently updated. Similarly, we can also divide Updates into two subsections Updates available, and Recently updated.

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Sometimes…but why do you NEED to do that on your device? Just trying to grasp the usecase here

Few days ago, just after updating OpenLauncher; my phone starts crashing. I’ve to recall, in few days which apps I’ve updated, which is very hard. If at that time, I can easily view update history of apps, so there would be good chance that I know OpenLauncher is causing the problem. And having a update history will not harm anyone.

Just trying to grasp the usecase here.

I know, this isn’t a very good usecase; when I have, I’ll repost here.

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@Licaon_Kter, Thanks for re-opening the issue. Is use case mentioned in above post, good enough to open an issue for FR?

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