Fdroiddata workflow and fdroid-bot

@Licaon_Kter @relan @bubu @Rudloff @Izzy @uniqx @mimi89999 @tobiasKaminsky @justjanne @thermatk @est31 and anyone else working on fdroiddata: I’m just finalizing running issuebot on fdroiddata merge requests. That has opened a bunch of questions and ideas for improving the workflow there. Here are some specifics:

  • Should issuebot add RFP-style labels to merge requests? If so, the @fdroid-bot account will require “Developer” permissions. That seems OK, though less than ideal.

  • If issuebot runs as “Developer”, then it can also merge MRs. That could work nicely for checkupdates: first, fdroid checkupdates runs and posts a MR. If it is still open in a week, and issuebot has not found any issues with it (that will be quite limited check), then issuebot will merge it.

  • what do you think about a “squash and fast-forward” git workflow for fdroiddata? That would make merge requests always show up as a single commit on the latest point in a linear commit history. Its easy to enable in GitLab, if people agree.

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