Fdroid priviliged extension installs from TRWP but is missing upon reboot

I am starting from a fresh install of Lineage OS 17.1on my S5 Neo. I only add Fdroid Priviliged Extension. Both are installe from TWRP after I have wiped system, dalvik/cache and data. The files I installed are lineage-17.1-20200604-nightly-s5neolte-signed.zip andorg.fdroid.fdroid.privileged.ota_2110.zip`.

The problem is that when I boot the Fdroid client is not installed. If I install it manually then it needs to prompt me to install a package instead of do it automatically. Any ideas why this may be happening?

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Did you read Privileged Extension OTA package broken for Android 10 / LineageOS 17.1? yet?

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I 've found it but got lost in the details. I 've also seen a linked bug report but the changelog for 0.2.11 says it’s fixed, so I m a little bit confused.

Now that you mentioned that thread, there are discussions there regarding mounting the system and $PATH issues that may be relevant in my case but I am not sure.

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