Fdroid not working

Hey I recently got interested in Internet security and privacy and in quest of this, I installed fdroid on my phone, Huawei mate 20 pro, running high Sierra.
At first it worked fine, I could search, find and install apps.
I then installed apk track.
F droid also asked me to do and update which I did.
After these two events the fdrpid app is no longer working.
I posted pictures how it looks. It seems to just not connect. When I search nothing comes up, as well as nothing shows in the categories section.?
I tried deleting and reinstalling and still the same.
And yes I am connected to phones Internet, not WiFi.
What can I do?

Best wishes :seedling::herb:

I had a similar issue when I added some repos.
Try to disable some repo if you added any.

Try to go to Latest and pull-to-refresh the index.

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