FDroid not downloading apps or updates! Help me!

I have FDroid installed on my Moto E6 Play with android 9, but FDroid is verry bugged!

It does not download new apps or updates! When I click install, download or update, nothing happens! Not only that, but in the first tab of the app, most recent apps, only the few first apps display the icons, most apps do not display the icons! And FDroid is not recognizing all the apps I previously installed through it, only reckons 1 app.

Please help me! I need it working to install the Free Softwares I use in android like camera, firewall, browser, player etc…

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I think the issue got fixed by now. It had happened to me yesterday and today it got fixed after latest update.

Thank you.

I reinstalled it. It was not funvtioning because android didn’t give permission to F-Droid to install apps, and there was no before notification to do this before. I gave permission and F-Droid now works well, but many, many apps inside it are still missing their icons, like some of the Simple apps.

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