Fdroid localisation rules/list of supported locales

I am in the process of localizing my apps using fastlane dir layout in-the-apps-source-repository through MyProjectRoot/app/src/debug/res/values(-xx)/fdroid.xml. files maintained by web translationservice https://crowdin.com which i manually convert to short_description.txt, . full_description.txt and title.txt

The fdroid localisation docs curently have a placeholder <locale> without providing a list or rules how these locales should look like.

(Without having fastlane installed:) Is there a list which locales are supportet or how exactly they should look like?

Is fastlane <locale> in the format of language-COUNTRY like en-US (english spoken in usa) ?

I currently assume these directory mappings

  • াঙালি (Bengali) app/src/debug/res/values-bn/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/bn-BD
  • Deutsch (German) app/src/debug/res/values-de/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/de-DE
  • English app/src/debug/res/values-en/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/en-US
  • Espanol (Spanish) app/src/debug/res/values-es/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/es-ES
  • Français (French) app/src/debug/res/values-fr/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/fr-FR
  • Indonesia (Indonesian) app/src/debug/res/values-in/fdroid.xml (“in” is a java-android-bug not using iso code “id”)
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/id-ID
  • Italiano (Italian) app/src/debug/res/values-it/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/it-IT
  • 日本人 (Japanese) app/src/debug/res/values-ja/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/ja-JP
  • Nederlands (Dutch)) app/src/debug/res/values-nl/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/nl-NL
  • Polskie (Polish)) app/src/debug/res/values-pl/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/pl-PL
  • Português (Portuguese)) app/src/debug/res/values-pt-rBR/fdroid.xml (brazil)
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/pt-BR
  • Român (Romanian)) app/src/debug/res/values-ro/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/ro-RO
  • Русский (Russian)) app/src/debug/res/values-ru/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/ru-RU
  • Türk (Turkish) app/src/debug/res/values-tr/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/tr-TR
  • 简体中文 (simplified Chinese) app/src/debug/res/values-zh-rCN/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/zh-CN
  • 繁体中文 (traditional Chinese) app/src/debug/res/values-zh-rCN/fdroid.xml
    • mapped to fastlane/metadata/android/zh-TW

Is there any tool that shows me how my fastlane style localisation will look like?

No, not yet. We’re working on smoothing that whole process out. More here: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/issues/1000