Fdroid is wonderful but a few crucial apps missing, therefore impossible to make it a 100 percent replacement

I like Fdroid, I like the idea behind it. Certainly Fdroid respects your privacy, I have no doubt about that. However in Fdroid you can not find: an app that you can use to purchase flight tickets, an office suite that can not just read but also edit files, it might be useful for tablets, no app to make a booking of hotels and stuff. It would also be nice if you could have a classifieds app that is open source and one for sales online. I am not a programmer therefore I can not program those.

No need to be a programmer: if you are interested, you can pay a programmer to make those programmes you want and release them as free software, so they can find their place in f-droid.


Those web services always allow you to use their site.
In fact, we should start relying on our browser to get flight tickets or accommodation booking.
Try a sandbox like WebApps. It might break some websites, but still very useful.

Hi easyKL. Sure, a website might be better. But most websites also use non-free software, in the form of non-free javascript, but other languages can be used too.

You are right about that. However I don’t have the money to hire such a programmer. I am not talking only about myself here. Neither am I demanding that programmers program this, nor do I undervalue Fdroid because of the lack of these apps. I am just hopefully trying to catch someone’s attention so that they can program these crucial stuff, instead of something which is of a secondary usefulness such as a game. Best

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