Fdroid icon , screenshots, change logs not coming, only summary, description coming on self hosted fdroid repo

FInally solved, thanks everyone, this is the procedure i followed

for making screenshots, logo work these are the steps :-

1)for icons , feature graphics :-

location —> projectrootlocation(prl)/repo/(packagename)/en-US/icon.png and featureGraphic.png

2)Screenshots :-

location —> projectrootlocation(prl)/repo/(packagename)/en-US/phoneScreenshots/Screenshot1.png

  1. title, summary, text

location —> projectrootlocation(prl)/metadata/(packagename)/en-US/full_description.txt,short_description.txt,title.txt

but changelogs still not working

changelog location- projectrootlocation(prl)/metadata/package/en-US/changelogs/131.txt

repo url? or is it secret? :slight_smile:

index-v2.json has the icons and the rest?

fdroid update --verbose does not explain anything?

And you have metadata/en-US/images/... ?

maybe this graphic helps: Fastlane file structure ($1895688) · Snippets · GitLab

Can you try to use the same structure though?

I mean en-US/images/icon.png and en-US/changelogs/131.txt and etc, and then re-run

fdroid update --verbose --clean --create-metadata

put the files in the proper place, run my command

then run signindex and etc, no need to run update twice

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