FDroid Client: Show origin repo of application (version)

Disclaimer: I’m not sjre if this is the right categorie :slight_smile:

It would be a great feature to somehow show the user, from which repository (fdroid, fdroid-archive, custom repos…) a certain app or app version is, when browsing the FDroid app catalogue.

I do have a series of repositories included in my fdroid client and it isn’t always clear, from what repo I’m installing an app. An indicator lf some sort would be desirable.

Nevermind, I’m apparently blind as a mole :smile:

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For anyone finding this topic because they have the same issue you can find it under “Versions”.

But I agree it would be nice if it was a bit more visible. E.g under Install it could say “from repository xy”.


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This is the continuation of this other locked post:

When adding an external repo, lets say IzzyOnDroid, and installing an app, there’s no clear¹ way to know which repo is the app coming from. This causes that when sending a link to that app, sometimes it’s not shown to others because they have not the specific repo. It’s not easy for the sender to know if the app comes from an external repo, to notify other users about that.

A solve would be to add the origin repo’s name under Install/Open button.

¹ The way to view the origin repo is:

  1. Go to app view on the client
  2. Go to Versions
  3. Open dropdown menu and there will be shown

The origin is shown when the app is available from multiple repos only, right?

I don’t know how it is now :sweat_smile:
But I would specify it always.