Favorite/Pro setup for creating (+ automatically backing up) Notes, Voice Memos + syncing media files (music, audiobook, etc.)?

I’m coming from the corporate iHellhole of Apple, and would love to learn from the pros on this forum, if you’re willing to lend a hand to a beginner

I have both a Mac and Linux, and hope to also set up a homeserver for backup asap to replace my iCloud system - any tips welcome there too (anyone have experience with Nextcloud or Freedombox?)

Cheers friends!

Cool that you are starting the adventure out of the golden cage :grinning:
Both Nextcloud and Freedombox are reasonable choices.

:white_check_mark: very dynamic development
:white_check_mark: fast release cycles
:white_check_mark: many features
:white_check_mark: amazing app system
:x: tries to do EVERYTHING, can feel bloated

:white_check_mark: Free as in Freedom
:white_check_mark: Solid Software
:white_check_mark: Many different services
:x: software can be a bit outdated

I personally use Nextcloud on a Debian server and I am very happy with it. I do not have experience with Freedombox.
Another option you might consider is Yunohost, which helps you to setup and maintain the server itself. I also has an app system, that includes Nextcloud.

Have fun exploring! :call_me_hand:

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this was great, thank you!