Favorite/Pro setup for creating (+ automatically backing up) Notes, Voice Memos + syncing media files (music, audiobook, etc.)?

I’m coming from the corporate iHellhole of Apple, and would love to learn from the pros on this forum, if you’re willing to lend a hand to a beginner

I have both a Mac and Linux, and hope to also set up a homeserver for backup asap to replace my iCloud system - any tips welcome there too (anyone have experience with Nextcloud or Freedombox?)

Cheers friends!

Cool that you are starting the adventure out of the golden cage :grinning:
Both Nextcloud and Freedombox are reasonable choices.

:white_check_mark: very dynamic development
:white_check_mark: fast release cycles
:white_check_mark: many features
:white_check_mark: amazing app system
:x: tries to do EVERYTHING, can feel bloated

:white_check_mark: Free as in Freedom
:white_check_mark: Solid Software
:white_check_mark: Many different services
:x: software can be a bit outdated

I personally use Nextcloud on a Debian server and I am very happy with it. I do not have experience with Freedombox.
Another option you might consider is Yunohost, which helps you to setup and maintain the server itself. I also has an app system, that includes Nextcloud.

Have fun exploring! :call_me_hand:


this was great, thank you!

I personally use Syncthing to keep my phone and notebook synced. Syncthing doesn’t require a central server like Nextcloud

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Seedvault is set to soon enable end to end backups of files, along with app data, call logs, contacts and calendars.

It will run backups automatically when the backup storage location is available and can be set to backup to Nextcloud or locally on USB flash storage - I’ve got a usb hub with flash storage plugged in that lets me charge my phone while the backup kicks in and runs automatically.

Its already built into CalyxOS and GrapheneOS, and is set to be added soon to LineageOS.
Its possible to add it to your device if you have root.

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In nov-2018 it was asked to publish SeedVault in F-Droid, now we have dec-2020 and still no SeedVault.
Even at the Github page the master SeedVault is for Android 11. Source code is available for Android 10 and 9, but no apk.
This feels like they don´t trust their own backup solution.
No apk, no SeedVault in LOS 17.1.
Release 1.0.0. dates to mar-2020, 9 months old.

SeedVault cannot be included in F-Droid.
SeedVault must be installed as a privileged system app signed with the system PLATFORM key.
It also needs a corresponding permission whitelist to allow it access to the system backup service installed into the system partition.
It is fully intended to be bundled into your ROM.


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