FAIL - install F-droid fails on Moto X4

Hi there, today I did try to download and install f-droid as I needed some caldav/webdav/carddav connectors.

hence it worked fine on one phone with android,
it failed on my motorola moto-x4 xt1900-7

I am using Android 9, ppws29.69-26-4 patchlevel from 01-01-2019.
External sources is allowed.

After download I open the apk file
Installer starts
asking if I want to install f-droid
I click on INSTALL

… and get an error/msg ‘not istalled’

… if I try on my 2nd phone, vernee-thor phone with Android 7.0 (pacthday 6th dez 2016) it works, too.

Any help?
Thanks in advance!

What application opens the APK exactly? Browser? File manager?

Since Android 8, that application needs to ask for permission to install APKs.

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