Facebook apps questions

Frost won’t show any messages or the fb default screen you get when you log in.

Also re slimsocial is there anyway to get sound when you get message. Click on notification won’t open any options.

Need fb wrapper that will notify and pop up on home screen when I get a message

Thanks for any help

Frost was the one. There are no other.
But you can run as an app or shortcut via your browser on your phone. It would work the same way as a wrapper.

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What does this app do actually?

Frost was to access FB in FOSS environment. Just like how those other apps for Twitter and Insta work. Similar. It went on unmaintained and now does not work, or rarely works as per few comments on Redditt.
It was basically a webview wrapper. Just like the F-Ddroid Forum webview wrapper app.

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Can you please eli5 what this means?

why do you keep adding this nonsense?


Didn’t know Frost was gone. Slimsocial is not bad but Frost had option to stop these stupid group and friend suggestion as far as I know

What is the F-Ddroid Forum webview wrapper app.? I just use the browser


It is in archives now. F-Droid Archive

Basically it means using Android System Webview functionality and is no different as such compared to browser view, but aimed towards android screen.

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Found an explanation on the net: “explain like I’m five (years old)”…

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Did I break any rule asking for it to be explained like I am a noob?

Just some confusion. Did not break any rules.

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No, but you did use an acronym that nobody here has heard of. Why not try proper English or whatever your native language happens to be?