why after install fdroid calculator also participate installed as well.

Note, i install fdroid on virtual exposed. There no app calculator installed, so i know it. I posting here bcaus cannot posting on github.
Sorry my english.

More info, what app ID did you install? what app ID was also installed?

How do you “install fdroid on virtual exposed” ? Virtual Xposed is another app that has nothing to do with F-Droid, It’s not even hosted by the official F-Droid repo (but at least by @Izzy 's one)

“I posting here bcaus cannot posting on github.”

what’s on Github? F-Droid is hosted on Gitlab

@Licaon_Kter to me it sounds as if jumaris first installed VirtualXposed (e.g. using the APK from their Github repository), and then installed F-Droid inside that. My repo most likely isn’t involved at all.

@jumaris neither the official repo nor mine install anything you didn’t specify. Are you sure that the calculator app you mention (can you give its package name, please?) isn’t already present on your device?

VirtualXposed runs Xposed modules, as described, you mean it can run F-Droid inside too?

@Licaon_Kter VirtualXposed provides a virtual environment where you can run Xposed modules. But they can only affect apps installed within the same virtual environment (i.e. inside VirtualXposed). I didn’t know there was any Xposed module working on the F-Droid app, so I don’t know why jumaris wants to install it in there.

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