F-Droid won't install apps after de-googling

I recently installed Fdroid on an Alcatel phone running android 10 go edition. I then used Fdroid to install App Manager which was successful. I then used app manager and ADB from a PC to “degoogle” the phone (removed all apps of the form ‘com.android.google.’) however i can now not install any apps using Fdroid - it downloads an app successfully but does not install and gives no error it just fails to complete installing.

Have i removed a google app that is required to allow Fdroid to download and install apps?

Any helps is much appreciated.


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Check if you removed package installer as well. That is needed to install anything and everything and is not a bloatware.

Btw, any degoogling should be carried out with proper care mate.


Which app does not install the APK? The browser? The file manager? Did you grant it the permission to install APKs?

Not all Google apps are tracking apps, some (most!) are core system apps (because Google maintains Android, so almost all core apps will have their name in it). You shouldn’t just remove every single app with Google in it.

As @vdbhb59 said, it sounds like you may have removed com.google.android.packageinstaller as well, which is the system app responsible for, well, installing apps.


And thanks for the replies.

Looks like i screwed up. Luckily it was just a cheap test phone to test the de-googling process - i will be a bit more careful next time and it looks like i can easily re-install the required app(s).

What i found was that the phone is much much faster without the google apps and the FOSS alternatives i need are as good if not better than the google apps.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated.


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