F-Droid version of XMP Mod Player is outdated

The F-Droid version of XMP module player is several years behind.
Version 3.10.0 (57) - Added on 2014-08-11

However following the link to the source I see the last update in 2018
Currently v4.12.0

Old app is abandoned since 2018, right, so? No other player can play mods?

It is as current (if not newer) as the main project so I would say stale rather than abandoned, unless they migrated elsewhere or XMP is dead.

The current stable version is 4.4.1 (released Oct 12 2016).

The Windows version of XMPlay had 1 update last December since an update in 2018, so don’t expect much activity if it isn’t relevant to the android version.

However that aside, can we please have the newest version in F-Droid ?

Is there some reason the most recent build cannot be built and distributed by F-Droid ?

No one had time to take a look at this.

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