F-Droid update from notification crashes

When I get an automatic Fdroid update notification, I always get “there was a problem parsing the installer” or something like that. Are you sending me an installer for a different OS version? I have Android 11.

And why do these topics autoclose after 2 months? What if someone comes up with an answer after googling an old question?

When you press install from the Notification? Kinda known issue. ( Starting an update from notification - Parsing error (#1843) · Issues · F-Droid / Client · GitLab ) This is in F-Droid client 1.16.4 or 1.17.0?

We can reopen, and merge

It’s 1.16.3 at the moment, but I’ve had the problem for many months. But occasionally it works, so it must have had the problem over several versions. Just tried it within the app and successfully updated to 1.16.4. It doesn’t offer me 1.17.0.

An admin might be able to reopen, but I can’t. If I come across a topic I want to answer or have input to, I can’t.

You can PM a mod

You can expand Versions in F-Droid Client, and update to 1.17 :wink:

Having to PM a mod to reply to a 2 and a bit month old post is silly.

How do I expand versions? I’m opening F-Droid app, then clicking the updates bell icon at the bottom, and I get a blank screen only containing “Congratulations! Your apps are up to date.” I see nothing else to click.

in F-Droid Client - look at F-Droid app details - scroll down, Expand Versions

I cannot find “Fdroid app details” - can you please say what steps to follow to get there?

This is weird, I got an email from “YouTube ReVanced APK via F-Droid Forum forum@f-droid.org” stating the below, but it’s not showing in this conversation.

I was unable to find the cache, and my battery optimization settings crash the settings app, so I tried manually updating Fdroid fomr the website, and it downloaded then said “not installed”. Not very helpful.

Not sure I really need Fdroid since APKPure is giving me loads of updates anyway. A lot more than Fdroid ever does. I’ll put this down to a badly designed piece of rubbish. I’m off to APKPure, they seem to know what they’re doing.

Check Auto-Update Settings: Ensure that the auto-update feature is enabled in the F-Droid app. To do this, open the F-Droid app and go to Settings > Auto-update. Make sure the auto-update option is turned on.
Check Network Connectivity: Auto-updates require an internet connection. Ensure that your device is connected to the internet, either through Wi-Fi or mobile data.
Check Battery Optimization Settings: Some devices have battery optimization settings that may interfere with auto-updates. To check this, go to your device’s settings, find the battery or power management section, and make sure F-Droid is not being optimized or restricted.
Check F-Droid Version: Make sure you are using the latest version of F-Droid. Outdated versions may have bugs that affect auto-updates. Go to the F-Droid website or Google Play Store to check for updates.
Clear F-Droid Cache: Cached data can sometimes cause issues with the app. In F-Droid, go to Settings > Clear Cache, and then try running the auto-update again.
Restart F-Droid: Close the F-Droid app completely and then reopen it. Sometimes, this simple step can resolve minor glitches.
Check for Server Issues: At times, F-Droid’s update servers might be experiencing problems. Check F-Droid’s website or social media channels to see if there are any known issues with their update servers.
Reinstall F-Droid: If none of the above steps work, you can try uninstalling F-Droid and then reinstalling it from the official website or Google Play Store.
Check Background Restrictions: Ensure that F-Droid is not restricted from running in the background on your device. This can prevent auto-updates from occurring.
Consider Third-party Apps: If the issue persists, you can try using third-party apps designed to automate the update process for apps installed on your device. However, be cautious when using such apps, as they may not be as secure as F-Droid.

Open F-Droid - click on the app F-Droid (or go to Settings - Installed apps - F-Droid) :slight_smile:

spam is spam

Open F-Droid - click on the app F-Droid (or go to Settings - Installed apps - F-Droid)

Found it eventually, who designed this interface?!

spam is spam

How is a detailed answer to my question without a link to anything to sell called spam?

I don’t follow, if you didn’t want to open F-Droid app details in the F-Droid Client (see how confusing this sounds?), I’ve shown you another way.

Same users posts elsewhere, ChatGPT type of text, patterns… also read the text… “reinstall F-Droid … from Google Play” :wink:

All you wanted me to do was install another version of Fdroid. I have to go through several unintuitive options to find it, I have no idea how you managed.

As I said, it is not spam because it does not advertise anything. He helped me out, yet it was deleted. This place is a fucking shithole, goodbye. As I said, I’m using APKPure, which works. Fdroid is now being uninstalled permanently.

I didn’t know APK Pure is building and checking FOSS apps, if that’s better, sure.

Right, and you can, from the app page in F-Droid Client… nothing unintuitive about that.

APKPure is a system which allows the downloading and updating of apps, just like Fdroid, just like Google Play. Three competing things.

Of course it’s unintuitive! Why would I go to a list of apps to see Fdroid itself?! When I update Windows, I don’t go into the list of installed programs in the control panel!

Anyway, for Fdroid to fail to download and install the correct update to itself for 6 whole months is beyond a joke.

Because F-Droid is an app itself ?!

Right, they pirate the apps from Play store and offer them in ads ridden pages, got it. No FOSS, no checks, no builds to assure it’s FOSS. If that works for you… go ahead.

Also, APKpure is offtopic here so I’ll stop.

What do you mean 6 months? It’s the first time you mention this…

(recommended update) 1.16.4 is 12 days old

next version 1.17 (still testing hence not pushed as an update yet) is 4 days old…

If by 6 months you mean “I press update in the notification for 6 months and it does not work” then yes… it’s a known bug. Contributions welcomed!

Because F-Droid is an app itself ?!

Irrelevant. I’m already in Fdroid, I don’t expect to have to find it in a list.

Right, they pirate the apps from Play store and offer them in ads ridden pages, got it. No FOSS, no checks, no builds to assure it’s FOSS. If that works for you… go ahead.

I don’t care what they do. It works and it’s an alternative to the screwed up Google Play store which forbids all the decent apps because they don’t pay Google enough.

As for ad ridden, that’s only while performing an update. I won’t see those ads again until something needs updating.

Also, APKpure is offtopic here so I’ll stop.

It’s on topic because it’s a fix for broken Fdroid.

Let’s focus on F-Droid then…

I didn’t mention it before, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t broken before. It has tried to update about once a week for the last 6 months. About every 6 or 7 tries it gets it right.

A known bug for 6 months that it can’t update itself? Useless.

Let’s focus on F-Droid then…

I see no point, I’ve uninstalled it because it doesn’t work.