F-Droid Swap - exchange not working

There is a buton “Umfeld” (environment?) Which allows me to transfer Apps between two fdroids.
I paired them andtry now to install and update apps.
The apps appear with installing or updating. But if i tick the buton, nothing happens but a litle toast appear that say “not installed”

not installed

This kind of error covers many cases but is most likely from architecture mismatch. What specific apps did you try with?

I don’t think that it is an Architecture missmatch because It works if I grab the APK with Ghost Commander and share it with KDEConnect to the other phone and Install it there.

4 Months ago it still worked. I Use a specific phone with gapps to share and update APKs on my Main phone.

…has only one APK that needs Android 5 or later

Your device has 5 or later, yes?

  1. LineageOS with Android 11 and GAPPS (Source of the APK)
  2. LineageOS with Android 12 without GAPPS (Destination of the APK)

Both with fdroid 1.16.3

We just fixed a number of bugs in nearby swap, so the next release should be working much better. If you need a temporary workaround, you could install F-Droid Nearby and use that.


Thanks. I will check it after update. Currently, I’m as up-to-date as needed.

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