F-Droid should only update in WLAN and when loading


I have only been using F-Droid for a short time and I am very enthusiastic. Can I set F-Droid to update only apps (and itself) when:

  • The phone is connected to the WLAN
  • The cell phone is being charged

I looked in the settings but did not find how to do that.

with best

Go into settings and move the second slider for mobile data to the left.

To my knowledge there is no such functionality. You can try to solve this with the energy saving functionality in your os to only allow f-droid to do things in the background when its charging. Maybe this is somewhere possible. The always working solution would be to change the free F-Droid code the way you like and then that one.

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FYI, the update scheduler is set to prefer running only when being charged. It will run on battery if it hasn’t been updated in a while, as controlled by the time slider in settings.

ok, thanks. I will test it

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