F-Droid Server on Windows - init repeatedly asks for Android SDK

Hi, I want to compile an app for fdroid so I installed the fdroidserver but when I try to run “fdroid init” it always asks me for the android sdk path.
My path was in the default location “C:/Users/User Name/AppData/Local/Android/android-sdk”. I thought maybe its the space of the user name so I changed it to “C:/src/android” but still the same.
If I enter an invalid path, I get the message “CRITICAL: Android SDK path ‘…’ does not exist!”
But when I enter the android path, it asks me again for the android sdk path.
I am 100% sure I entered the right path, but there must be something I missed.
What do I have to do to make fdroid find/accept my android sdk?

Umm Windows is not really supported to be fair :person_shrugging: I mean if it works, great, if not… try to fix it and inform us :slight_smile:

Can you run What is Windows Subsystem for Linux | Microsoft Learn instead?

I was using Cygwin
The docs says ANDROID_HOME stats with “/cygdrive/c/” but because fdroid init says it isn’t a valid path i tryd just “C:/” it seems droid then founds a folder but not the android sdk.

I will try the subsystem for linux now. i hope that works better.