F-Droid’s PGP key has expired

Hey Guys,
could you please let me know where i can find the actual PGP key for F-Droid?

The one i found in this post expired last week…

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Aurora Droid is an alternative to the default F-Droid app with an intuitive UI

I have been using Aurora Droid all the time without any problem.

Consider to change

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This is still the case. :frowning_face:

This key’s subkeys are still marked as having expired on 2021/04/24 :frowning:

unfortunately nothing new here and also not on gitlab…

Is there an alternative to F-Droid except aurora?

seems to be an annual issue. What’s the story? @hans?

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sorry, I have no more info. @CiaranG maintains that key.

Someone who is interested in using F-Droid should look at differences with Aurora Droid, especially how it may access Google Play store and install proprietary apps (like some other f-droid add-on repos?). Also, you are trusting it to only use Camera permission for good.


‘Aurora Droid’ is an alternative F-Droid client implementation.
It does not access Google Play, that is a different app called ‘Aurora Store’.

As an aside changing app for this temporary issue is silly imo. Just because the key is expired doesn’t mean it can’t be used to validate files signed with it.

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At the Website, they all seem wrapped up as “AuroraOSS” so I assumed both came together. Haven’t used it/them.

This is still the issue. I keep getting the same.

This might go towards explaining why Tor via fdroid and Tor via GP have differing spywares (trackers leading to USA based companies)

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Why would this statement be flagged?! Are “we” now censoring unsubstantiated opinions because we don’t like them?


It would seem that way, they gave a false reason for removal, those reasons being: Your post was flagged as spam : the community feels it is an advertisement, something that is overly promotional in nature instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected.

It definitely wasn’t spam or an advert, just trying to make people aware of things before they get hurt.

So much suspicious stuff has been going on with the Android version lately that I think the questioning is justified. Tor have certainly made no effort to correct me despite the countless rejected comments I’ve posted to the blog.

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For the record, the key was renewed in May, to 2026.


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