F-Droid - repository mirror - free server


does any one knows where may I find some info about; how to create server with F-Droid repository ? I would like to setup kind of mirror to loadbalance F-Droid traffic.
I have a not used powerful server which can be used by one of the open source projects. I see that F-Droid app doesnt work so fast here in Germany, maybe some one from F-Droid admins is interested ?

If yes, please contact.


An F-Droid Repository is just a collection of static files served from any HTTPS webserver. So all the questions of loadbalancing, speed, hosting, etc. are separate from fdroidserver. fdroidserver is perhaps not the best name since it really is a collection of tools for assembling and publishing collections of static files.

We’d love help getting our hosting setup working better. It is already load balanced across three instances behind the f-droid.org domain, as well as numerous mirrors. To dive into this topic, see the thread https://forum.f-droid.org/t/slow-webserver-response/

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