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I am wondering what I can do to make the search function on the website work. Currently I am trying to find Hacker’s Keyboard. I know it’s there. I can browse to it (which is a pain). Why is it that when I type “Hacker’s Keyboard” into the search box (without quotes) I get three unrelated apps and not Hacker’s Keyboard. If I use quotes I get no results. Isn’t an exact match search the easiest thing to implement? How is it so bad?


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Searching for Keyboard works: https://staging.f-droid.org/search?q=keyboard

But I can confirm that “Hacker” doesn’t find anything, neither does “Hacker’s”.

FIY: @uniqx

First of all: Sorry for inconvenience, please bear with us, this search application is still under development and obviously not entirely free of bugs.

I’ll take a look at it and will report any progress on this matter in the projects issue tracker: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroid-website-search/issues/14


I’m relying on some quite sophisticated full-text search libraries. I’m doing so, because programming well performing full-text search indexes with relevance sorting are not a week-end project… Our search page on the other hand actually is pretty much a weekend project.
The complexity here actually lies in using those libraries correctly. Maybe the ' in “Hacker’s Keyboard” is messing with the search query syntax or something… need to investigate. Help with debugging would also be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that. I didn’t mean to bash your search tool. I’m sure it’s not too easy to build.

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