F-droid.org/packages/ add tags for App description and wiki for the tags



Feature request (formulated in gherkin language)

  • in order to make it easier to discover apps in f-droid
  • as a registered forum.f-droid.org user with a certain reputation
  • i want to a be able to assign tags to f-droid apps/packages via the web gui
  • and a wiki page for every tag. where the tag can be edited.

Probelm statement

Currently apps in the f-droid app store use a nearly fixed/static set of app categories where the app developer can choose to which category an app belongs to

Most apps are members of exactly one category.

Example: the category “multimedia” has over 200 apps and there is currently no category for photo, music, video.

To invent a new category you have to edit all app description files that should get the new tag.

envisioned solution

I would prefer to have a web gui where logged in forum.f-droid.org user can dynamically assign additional
tags/keywords to an app.

For every tags/keyword is a wiki page

  • that describes the keyword
  • may have links to other related tags/keywords
  • list the apps (and their short description) that have this keyword.

This could be similar to “github-s repository tags” or “stackoverflow tags”


  • the app Simple-Gallery gets “multimedia” “photo”, “video”, “gallery”, “material-design”
  • the app Camera-Roll gets “multimedia” “photo”, “video”, “gallery”, “material-design”, “exif-edit”
  • the app A-Photo-Manager gets “multimedia” “photo”, “gallery”, “exif-edit”, “geographic-map”

If a web user clicks on “gallery” he gets a list of all apps taged with “gallery” and wiki text that links to related tags like “multimedia”, “photo”


The main problem I see in having only one categorization could be agreeing in which are the useful ones, which could lead to either a huge file or dissatisfaction with the criteria.

Another solution could be allowing to install in the client one or several categorizations in a simple format like comma separated text files.

These could be offered to the users for download as in:

  • k3b’s general categorization by purpose (324 categories. Last updated 2019-07-01)
  • Some other users categorization by geographic and language interest (83 categories, Last updated 2018-06-27)
  • Some LUG’s categorization by some other criteria (117 categories, last updated 2018-03-12)
  • etc

They would ideally add to each other and it would be the users decision which ones to use.