F-droid.org looks Japanese in Epiphany 3.10.3

Thanks for the report. We had somebody mention already that it did this in vimb, and we suspect it is due to an old version of Webkit. What version of Epiphany are you using, because when I try it with version 3.22.7-1 from Debian unstable it works as expected. If I can find a browser that I can reproduce this on then I should be able to fix it up.

Same in Konqueror 4.13.3

Okay, I can reproduce on Konquerer 4.14.26. Unfoturnately I’m not sure how to make use of that browser, and so will need to instead hunt down an earlier version of Epiphany, or another browser which may use old webkit to inspect.

I tried with Epiphany 3.18.11, and it works fine.