F-droid open url in-app?


So I was thinking if it would be possible to whenever I open an app’s link in browser, automatically switch to the app. I found a similar topic on the forum, but I can’t understand it at all (and furthermore it’s from 2018, so it’s like to be quite outdated).

Is there already such function? Or could it be implemented? Thanks in advanced.

Yes, it is possible.
Go to AppInfo for the application.
See for “open by default” option
Click on it.
Turn on open supported links.
If any links are added already good, else click on “+ add links” below.
Select and turn on each link which it has. Example: “f-droid.org”, “staging.f-droid.org”, etc.

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n Fennec/Mull/:Firefox you need to activate in Settings a thing too

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