F-Droid on Amazon Fire HD8 ~ Is it Possible?

Quicky Background:
I’m brand new here, an old codger familiar with DOS and Windows OSs; not a lover of pushy tech stuff; nonetheless we bought 2 Fire8s with hopes of returning them to Android “as pure as possible”. But Amazon updated the firmware automatically, and so at the moment (in theory at least) it’s not possible to get them back to “pure” Android without absolutely bricking them into doorstops. Just this morning I hear that such a thing as F-Droid exists.

What to Do ~ the Is this Possible Part
I’m only up to here. Please advise. THANK YOU. The OS I have now on the Fire8 is Fire OS 6.3.0, which is the auto update supposedly impervious to being returned to a more Android state.

What happens if you try to install APK files?

I’ve just received my new Fire HD 8 and installed the F-Droid app. I then used it to download Fennec (the code name for Firefox on Android). It works perfectly! I installed the UBlock origin add-on and that works too.

I haven’t connected my Kindle to Amazon and I don’t get any ads from there either. I didn’t buy it from Amazon but Currys (a UK store). I’m concerned that if I connect to Amazon I’ll start getting ads. Can anybody confirm that this is or isn’t the case?

Regarding ads, NetGuard from F-Droid can load ads blocking hosts and block ads system wide (mostly)

is supposed to be a rebranded Nougat (android 7.1): most of F-Droid apps should work out-of-the-box. On such low cost devices, Blokada should be the first attempt to free your OS.

If you have time, give a try to (my) Device Infos all-in-one app and upload resulting json of all specs (file: ~Android/data/com.oF2pks.kalturadeviceinfo/files/???.json). Unfortunately your tablet won’t be Treble compatible (true AOSP complete system.img only possible on Oreo based os and up).

Not sure why the F-Droid inclusion process was stopped, maybe ping the author: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/merge_requests/4076

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