f-droid old version


I like f-droid, but I absolutely hate the new UI. On my old phone, I
simply downgraded to (0.102.3?) after trying the new UI for a while, and
never upgraded f-droid again. Unfortunately, I didn’t save the apk when
I switched to a new phone. Where can I get the latest apk with the old
UI since it doesn’t seem to be on the f-droid site any more? I’ve tried
downloading from some other sites, but their copies refuse to install
on my phone “seems corrupted”. I’m using LineageOS 14.1 and currently
have f-droid 1.2.2 and f-droid privileged extension 0.2.8 installed.

Re: f-droid old version

As well, how can I uninstall the current version of f-droid I have which
seems to be a system app for some reason? That is, both f-droid and the
privileged extension are system apps. If I force uninstall f-droid with
a root system app remover, it seems f-droid is still installed because
the package installer says the f-droid apks are updates when I try to
install them.


https://f-droid.org/archive/org.fdroid.fdroid_102350.apk version 0.102.3


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