F-Droid not working properly anymore

Something is messed up.
In the F-Droid app I click on latest, I have an app called web apps it says it was updated 6 days ago, I click on it and look at the versions. The top one with the star says,
Added on 7/13/17.
Not installed.

Web Apps has been updated several times since then and I already have V2.16 which was a recent update. If I had not been paying attention to the version numbers I would have let it be replaced it with an old version.
I close out the F-Droid App, reopen it and look again.
Now it says the latest version is 2.16 which is correct.
But now, I click on updates it says there is an update for an app called drum on.
I installed that app a couple of weeks ago.
So I click on the app to look at the versions. The latest version is the one I already have and has not been updated since 2016.
In my phone the notification says there are updates to three apps including that drum on app while in the F-Droid app itself it says there is only updates for Drum on.
I think this has been happening for a while, several times I had notification about updates to apps which didn’t match what the F-Droid app was showing and wrong info about what is the latest version.
Also what happened to the list of installed apps that used to display in F-Droid?

The app list is in settings.

Can you make some screenshots with versions and such?

I cleared he caches and re-updated the repositories. I sometimes get an error message that says could not get index file, other repositorirs were successful. Trouble is the error message doesnt say which index file it couldnt get.
I am wondering if it was not getting the main repository index file but was getting the archive which might explain why my versions were messed up?

There was an issue where enabling old index will bring a bug from fdroidserver up, that got fixed but until all the repos are rebuild with the new server (that was not yet released AFAIK), you need to remove (not only disable) the repo and re add it.

Also DON’T enable old index again as it will trigger this too.

This happens at least with the Guardian Project repos.

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