F-Droid not showing in search results in app

The F-Droid app itself when I search for it doesn’t show up in the search results, this has been happening since past several versions, using it on Mi Max, Android 7, F-Droid 1.15.3, currently have to manually update from website, any suggestions on how to make it visible again or troubleshoot would be really appreciated.
Thank you

I just bit the bullet and updated to alpha 1.16, I had to re add all my repos but F-Droid started showing up again, so if anyone else has a similar issue looks like the next version will fix it, but I’d not recommend updating to this version yet and waiting for the stable 1.16 releases

It might be listed in the installed apps section even if it didn’t show up in search

We’ve heard about this issue before but hard to repro in a controlled way :frowning:

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