F-Droid not detecting non Wi-Fi and mobile data connection i.e. reverse tethering

ahoy all,

first thanks for F-Droid!

i am using https://github.com/Genymobile/gnirehtet to connect the phone via USB reverse tethering to the Internet even when Wi-Fi and mobile data connections are disabled i.e. in Airplane Mode. while most apps work fine with this type of data connection, others will not find it since they specifically find no active Wi-Fi or mobile data connection … unfortunately and surprisingly F-Droid seems to do this as well.

for a quick fix: is there a way (e.g. via settings, custom config, etc) to force F-Droid to use the active Internet connection and not only rely on whether a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is available?

additionally, would a feature request to make F-Droid work with non Wi-Fi and mobile data connections be accepted?

thanks, w

Known issues

thank you @Licaon_Kter for the quick reply and links. i had not yet thought to search the repo issues so apologies for the extra legwork.

i will monitor those issues and provide any info that could be helpful in getting this fixed.

thanks again and take care.

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