F-Droid news - what a mess!

The current state of F-Froid news section and its translation is dissatisfying an needs some work.

There is https://f-droid.org/en/news/ . Updates got stuck on 1st of March ironically with a “faster news” headline:

The German version shows TWIF 44 as the last translated:

while on https://staging.f-droid.org/de/news/ it’s TWIF 45 (what actually isn’t true either, never mind!):

For the normal user unreachable, when he didn’t read TWIF 45 and saved the included link: https://news.f-droid.org/

Unreachable because f-droid.org doesn’t forward to this page and a browser search for “news”, “f-droid” will only provide https://f-droid.org/en/news/ but not the new site,

that btw includes a dated menu bar (Tutorials, Repomaker)
doesn’t contain any translations besides “Posted on”:

The website deployment has issues atm: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroid-website/issues/353

I didn’t suggest anything else. Let’s say it’s unwise announcing improvements that are half-baked and cannot be fulfilled. One makes a mockery of oneself.

Looking at the dates, this situation arised later, and yes that’s unortunate.

faster news is on https://news.f-droid.org. That is current. @critdroid what do you think about translating the news section via merge request rather than via Weblate? I think that workflow could work better for the news section.

There seems to be no RSS Feed on news.f-droid.org.
And the RSS feed from the main page stop at the 26th March 2019 (“The Latest Tab now highlights good descriptions”).
Is there any current RSS Feed?

I made a merge request to add an RSS feed here:

You can try it here:

Thank you, hans! :slight_smile: