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Hi, I am a total f-droid newbie and I am sorry if I am asking very simple and obvious things.
I have the Problem that f-droid links on web pages will not open f-droid or trigger an installation process. Just nothing happens. (e.g.: https://microg.org/fdroid/repo
Do I have to change any Options in my phone or in the f-droid to make the links work?

I have the latest f-droid Version and Android 9 (Huawei Mate 20 pro)
Thanks for any Feedback


What links? Those are not… copy linkt go to Settings -> Repo -> Add -> PAste - ADD…wait…

That’s a Repo link… the repo has the app list.


For me the link opens in F-Droid and starts adding the repo.
In Settings > Apps > F-Droid > Open by default > Opening links I have “Open supported links” set to “Open in this app”.
I have Lineage OS, in other OSes this Setting will probably be somewhere else or might not exist at all.
It probably also depends on the browser you are using.

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