F-Droid Mirror Monitor rewrite

I have rewritten the Mirror Monitor inspired by the Arch Mirror Status

Live demo: https://marzzzello.gitlab.io/mirror-monitor
Source: https://gitlab.com/marzzzello/mirror-monitor/

The checks currently run every hour in the GitLab CI.
I have some plans, such as adding community repos and displaying some information about the repo and also monitoring the associated mirrors. The backend already supports most of it.

I would also like to operate the Mirror Monitor at different locations. If anyone knows of an open Gitlab with CI and pages support that is not located in the USA or Europe, please let me know.

At the bottom of the details page you can see all the debug output from which the page was generated.
Example of debug output: https://marzzzello.gitlab.io/mirror-monitor/https:f-droid.org.html#debug

And how do you like it? Any feedback is welcome.
What information is currently missing? What would be helpful?
Which tests should I add?
How do you like the current design? Any ideas?


This is amazing, it made my day! Makes me think I should just hand over the maintenance of that project to you :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it already, you might also be interested in:

That could also use some improvement.


Thanks :grin:.
Yes I saw that, it’s already planned. I’m just looking for some early feedback

Awesome work!
Something similar for the build state would be grate as well. Data is here: https://mastodon.technology/@fdroidorg/103736802687174128


In which data are you particularly interested?

Something similar to the old wiki data: https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/Main_Page
Recent Build Activity
fdroid checkupdates
fdroid update
fdroid deploy

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