F-Droid Meetup at 36C3

Following last years tradition we’ll have a F-Droid meetup at this years Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig (36C3) on day 1 at 1400.
Last year we had a room with 12 seats and 60 minutes, this year we’ll have a lot more space at cbase (the assembly during the congress, not the actual hackerspace here in Berlin :wink: ) and 90 minutes :slightly_smiling_face:.

There will be lots of stickers. See you all there.


Finally got this setup completed: https://fdroid.gitlab.io/ccc/

Please report any problems you find with this to me.

Love the bumper stickers!

What is the other square item? A leaflet?

I am in Australia unfortunately so there’s no way I’ll be able to attend but I’m always looking for ways to spread word of free and open source, especially F-Droid.

I’m pretty sure both are stickers :slight_smile:


@webDev If you’d like some promotional material to help you spread the word, you could order Free Your Android leaflets from FSFE. I also recommend ordering some Free Software and User Freedom leaflets, they do a great job explaining why Free Software matters.

There are some people of F-Droid there :smiley:

Is there the possibility to get like a 100 sticker for my space?

Yes, are you at 36C3? Or can someone take them for you?

Sadly I wasn’t and I kinda missed the reply. I told someone to take some but I think he forgot it.
Are there any leftovers you could send over? I would pay for package and shipping.

There a lots of stickers left. I’ll be at FOSDEM next, I’ll contact you privately for potential shipping.

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