F-Droid Maintenance?

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to start in the linux world. I downloaded Andronix in my Android table. While installing it said that Termux is needed, but not from the playstore, but from F-Droid.
Andronix has a facility to download it from F-Droid and works fine, but… when I click install, it starts ask if I want to install and then it fails saying there where an error and try later.
I downloaded Termux from playstore and install it. It runs, but is incomplete. Has ls, nano and few other commands. When I run pkg update, it runs for a while but fails.

Can anybody tell me what can I do?


It needs Android 7

Hi Licaon_Kter. My tablet is running on Android 7.1.1

What error on install?

Do you have any other Termux related packages installed from Play? If so you need to uninstall them and only install Termux packages (API, Boot, Tasks, etc) from F-Droid.

Yes. I have (had) the play store version. Andronix procedure un-install it and download the F-Droid version.But it fails to install (By the way, I had to allow the installation from a different source than play store).
Is there a way to download direct from F-Droid, not through Andronix?

Install F-Droid Client!!! https://f-droid.org press the big blue button :slight_smile:

If this still fails then we need some logs from logcat

Never heard of Andronix before, is it open source?

We have

Ok, thanks. I’m going to the F-Droid client installation.
About Andronix, yes. It claims to be open source. It´s one I´ve found in the play store, and it ask to install packages from f-droid because the play store doesn’t support them anymore.
I’ll come back to you if I have another issue on my way.
Thanks again.

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