F-Droid Isn't Working on Android Oreo

I’ve been using the F-Droid android client on my Note 8 for a while now. It was working smooth when my phone was running Android Nougat however that I updated today to latest Android Oreo whenever I open the app it only loads a blank screen on the start up and gradually crashes automatically after a while. Any idea how do I fix it?

An update: I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it’s working fine again :slight_smile:

Garry Joshi
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Please open a report here: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/issues

Some sort of logcat could help.

F-Droid is working on Oreo in general, for example, its included in CopperheadOS and the MicroG LineageOS ROM. Like @Licaon_Kter said, we’ll need more info to help track down your specific issue.

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