F-Droid in Google Play store

what are the thoughts on

CCI asked google to have other stores in playstore look at point ix.
and google have accepted after refused from supreme court they are now have to follow whatever has been asked by india on there press release.

now can we aspect to have F-DROID on playstore so it is easier to install.

This was started October and Google gone to indian supreme court against that but slapped from court and got no support on January 20.


Anything to do with foogle is useless and never easy. Inclusions will be with force majure and forced rules on other playstores. Let the freedom prevail without complicating it any further. F-Droid is in itself the biggest store and point stop for freedom fighters.

Hope, I get my point over.


Google’s conditions are rather against competition, eg. they force you to give them the signing keys, and that not something that F-Droid would do. Or they don’t want you to have donation links in app, etc


True. Also going to foogle will be sending out a wrong signal to the community which looks up to FD.

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actually they have to allow everything and yet they have not make a clear path how will this happen so don’t be negative let us see what they come up with.

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That will never be true… c’mon


Some in India should look into this. Those articles are not enough to go on. For example, the first step would be showing that Google has already accepted a third party app store. Or try to get confirmation from Google that they’ll allow it.

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