F-Droid fork with ads on Google Play


I’m not sure what the F-Droid devs’ stance is on this sort of thing. If it is the client app it would violate Google’s ToS.



If that app is indeed a fork and using adds, its violating both, our
fdroidclient license (since they dont provide the source code for
their ad-modifications) and Google’s ToS which have a non-compete
/ no-appstore clause.


For all of you who have a Google account, please flag this as inappropriate using the link on bottom of the Play Store page:


I’m comparing the code in it to see if it might also be malware.


Looks like it’s gone now - success?


Looks like it’s gone now - success?

partially, the app got removed but we sill wait for the source code.
Doubt we well get anything, though.

See https://gitlab.com/fdroid/admin/issues/21.


Also found this: https://matkie-fdroid.en.aptoide.com/


Can you block it?
It can take the list of apps from your server :wink:
The signature is different from original F-Droid => block it.


Just sue them… :wink: