F-Droid for older systems?

Hello all,

Are there any plans for running F-Droid app (client) on older systems, like Gingerbread 2.3?

I am asking because one of many problems with Google is they push hard towards using newer, and newer versions (= “buy more”), so I was hoping F-Droid could come to the rescue :slight_smile: But all I got is “problem with parsing package”.

Thank you in advance for the answer.

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Latest version for you is this: https://f-droid.org/archive/org.fdroid.fdroid_1002052.apk albeit you’ll have issues with apps availability for the same reason, so maybe enable the Archive repo…


Many thanks, I am looking to contributing my own app, but F-Droid app was the first and mandatory step to achieve this. Everything works, once again, many thanks for helping me out.

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