F-Droid for non mobile repository

Hi folks!

We want to use F-Droid codebase for non mobile purpose.

We haven’t looked into the F-Droid code yet, so I’d like to ask the community for advice.

How long will such a refinement take and whether it will fit into the F-Droid codebase as a whole, or is it better to take another code as a basis:

  • Publish web site with our product addons (code/python/compiled)
  • User can register on site or 0Auth logged in
  • External developer (not from our team) can register on site or 0Auth logged in
  • ext.developer can publish addons to site, after login
  • addon is a python code / single script or git repo / or bunch of file
  • published addon need to be aprooved by our team for code quality and security
  • before addon aprooved, it’s not visible for Users
  • ext. developer can add addon as git repo, of python project (not android)
  • after ext.developer add git repo of they addon, our team need to aproove it
  • after git repo of python is aprooved, our team can enable ci/cd pipeline for this repo, for building to binary.
  • user can see /download binary and repo
  • user can vote (5 starts) for addons
  • user can vote (5 stars) for developer
  • on addon page download counter available
  • on ext. dev page, download counter of all they addons available
  • paid add-ons posibility, user can see addon page, but download link available only after pay
  • donate posibility, user can see addon page, can download link, but donate button showed

Care to share more details? Which platform is this exactly? Which operating system?

Python code or compiled binary. Maybe builded from dev git with ci/cd

Better use another software. F-droid doesn’t support any of the requirements you listed because it has an entirely different focus. It has no user accounts, no ratings and no payment processing. The reviews of new apps are done on GitLab, not some F-Droid software. Lastly, the server serves static files and does not have a database. For your use-case, you are probably better off taking WordPress with a few plugins or something like that.


Are there any similar open source projects? For this use-cases.

Should be pretty easy to setup WordPress to do what you want

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