F-Droid eating my storage


Hi there, first time poster, so apologies if this is out of place or I’m just not following the posting rules around here.

I use fdroid daily and really appreciate the work that goes into it. That being said, I noticed it taking up a ridiculous amount of space on a recent scan, 850 MB in total. The app itself is fine, around 15 MB, but there’s 830+ MB of space being consumed and I really don’t know why. For the record, I’m not referring to a bloated cache or something like that, it’s storing it as “data”. Please see my screenshots to confirm. Any help would be appreciated.


Since I can’t upload more than one image at a time, here’s the second screenshot:


Upgrade to the latest alpha and check the settings on how long to hold the
cached apps


yeah, there was a bug in the download caching that prevented it from deleting old files. Upgrade and they should be properly deleted. Or just clear the cache for F-Droid in the Apps Settings.


Thanks for the replies, upgrading to alpha3 fixed my issue!