F-droid don't update repositories

My f-droid app don’t update the repositories, please help.

More details on what you do and what happens may help someone answer.

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I just give you update to the repositories and they are not updated before I said updating repositories and then saving information, now nothing for about a week.

Do you get any errors? If you mean that new apps are not showing after you updated your repositories then it’s because there has not been any new additions.


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I usually turn off a repository and turn it back on to force an update.

Ok, thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

You did slide both Wi-Fi and mobile data toggles in F-Droid settings all the way to the right?

Also, keep in mind that index updates (aka app publishing) cycles are not fixed, sometimes it takes a week.

Ok, thank you so much.

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