F-Droid crashs always on Android 7

Got a new, cheap Mobile (Moto-G), with default ROM (planned to be replaced). Downloaded F-Droid, installs successfully, but crashs on start - always.
Do I need another Android version or a custom rom to make it work?


should work fine, did you submit the crash info?

Thanks and uups - where do I find this?

it usually pops up on crash

can you also try 1.18: https://f-droid.org/repo/org.fdroid.fdroid_1018050.apk

and 1.19.0-alpha3: https://f-droid.org/repo/org.fdroid.fdroid_1019003.apk

and thanks for your immidiate help!
I want to install LineageOS in the nect week and do NOT have a gmail account to send the report … the popup does not offer any other options and “settings” does not contain more - except for the power-off dialog (enabled that) - will see.
Thanks for the links to newer versions - downloaded both and they beave the same (ending with crash) - looks like a problem with this Mbile.
Will wait now, until I find the time to install LeneageOS.

Came on an idea earlier: Stop a running F-Druid first, but didnt help.
Did it again: stopp and remove (with the android onboard tools).
Installed, works!
BUT there was a difference: This time, the network was accidentally open for the mobile (blocked at firewall) - may be there was a network request, which had failed!?
Luckily, F-Droid itself has proxy-settings and everything looks good now and I run the 1.19 alpha …
Thanks again for your help!

it needs some app to send the stacktrace file to, no account needed but at least to share and save…

That should not crash it, so if you have ADB (lol Lineage), maybe try to find a logcat of that moment when it crashed

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